Personal trainer & Gym instructor

don't think about anyone else, it's your journey.


My Marathons 

When I was 19 yrs old I completed my first marathon at Loch Ness. This year I will be running Loch Ness marathon for a second time which will mean I have completed 4 Marathons including a major series marathon in Berlin. When I ran the Berlin marathon in 2017 I got my current PB of 4hrs 41mins which I am really proud of. 

This year I can’t wait to see what challenges Loch Ness marathon will bring. I love this race for a few reasons but most of all for the scenery as its beautiful. It’s a hilly race so I will need to be getting my hill training in!



When I started my journey I was only 16yrs old. I wanted to become a better runner and my love affair with fitness started when I got into the couch to 5k programme. After I completed this I knew I had to keep running and I then started upping my miles to 10k, half marathon and eventually marathon. 

As well as enjoying running I started going to bootcamps, not long after starting bootcamp I joined the gym so I would be able to try things and push myself.

I am a fully qualified running coach and a fully qualified personal trainer. Personal training is exactly that, personal. Everything about personal training is tailored to you and your goals.